INTERVIEW: Efferent Verb (Librettist)

Meet Fabrizio Funari, a librettist, playwright, and screenwriter who has collaborated with notable composers, librettist and performers such as Niño de Elche, Germán Alonso, and Alessandro De Rosa. He has worked with renowned international festivals including the Venice Biennale, Teatro Central de Sevilla, and Deutsche Oper Berlin. Fabrizio’s primary artistic dedication lies in creating unconventional narratives that challenge societal norms and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human relationships. He also explores immersive and interactive performing arts, pushing the boundaries of audience engagement.

Interviewer: What sources of inspiration led you to choose a career in music and lyrics from a young age?

Fabrizio: One of my earliest sources of inspiration was the music of Franco Battiato, a multifaceted artist known for his profound and philosophical lyrics. As a child, my parents played his music non-stop, and his lyrics enthralled me, sounding almost magical like enchantments.

Later I was mesmerized by the rhythmic cadence of American rappers and deeply enthralled by the empowering lyrics they interwove. As a young Italian gay kid in the early 2000s, I found solace in those lyrics and their music. Eventually, I started a big notebook, jotting down lyrics, poems, and verses that resonated with me until I found myself passionately writing and composing my own LP!

As life unfolded, I found myself fully immersed in the worlds of literature and theatre. Then, there was a particular moment that truly left a lasting impression on me – the first time I experienced a live opera performance of “The Magic Flute” at the Royal Opera House in London. It was at that moment that I realized being a spectator was not enough, and I wanted to be an active part of this sort of experience.