INTERVIEW: Mimesis Journal

INTERVIEW: Mimesis Journal (Esperienze LGBTQ+ nel teatro musicale italiano contemporaneo) The current Italian landscape of performing arts shows the almost complete absence of a programmatically queer music theatre. Nevertheless, within this frame some recent experiences have been thematising LGBTQ+ ideas, characters and figures. In particular, in the present article I investigate La

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INTERVIEW: Efferent Verb

INTERVIEW: Efferent Verb (Librettist) Meet Fabrizio Funari, a librettist, playwright, and screenwriter who has collaborated with notable composers, librettist and performers such as Niño de Elche, Germán Alonso, and Alessandro De Rosa. He has worked with renowned international festivals including the Venice Biennale, Teatro Central de Sevilla, and Deutsche Oper Berlin. Fabrizio’s

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